When your business employs native advertising from Bott Radio Network your ads are embedded in trusted content. While social ads show up on your feed, native ads are generally placed inside of news articles under a heading like “suggested content”.

Native ads fall into a few different categories according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau: Video Ads, Story Ads, App Install ads, and Product ads. Unlike display ads that appear outside of the relevant content, native ads are placed within the content meaning they having a greater likelihood of being clicked.

By The Numbers

  • Mobile native spend doubled from 2018 – 2020
  • Native ads are 27% more trusted than social
  • 44% of viewers trust native ads on news sites
  • Purchase intent increases 18% for native ads
  • Engagement rates on native are 20-60% higher than display
  • CPC drops by 36% for native campaigns that run at least 6 months

How Native Can Work For You

A Few Reasons Businesses Use Native


Higher Visibility

Native ads blend into a website's content organically, so users are less prone to ignoring these ads. The result is a higher likelihood to purchase. These ads tend to get more attention than other varieties of ads.

Reach New Audiences

The primary reason businesses use native advertising is that they are looking for more opportunities outside of standard digital ads. Consumers regularly experience ad fatigue which has the potential to make certain ads perform poorly over time. If you are running into problems with traditional online advertising being ineffective then it might be time for you to consider native.

More Relevant

Although native ads look like natural content, studies have shown that consumers see native ads for what they are-- ads. People are at ease when they see native ads because they generally see them directly following a trusted news article or blog post.

Right For Your Business?

Not all businesses will benefit from native advertising. Native advertising does require more work to pull off properly. While a typical programmatic ad will point to your homepage, native ads typically need to go to an authoritative page on your site. Not every business has the necessary resources to build out this type of page on their website. Traditionally the sectors that excel in this area are healthcare, banking, education, and non-profits.

The majority of small businesses will find that native ads don’t work very well for them because it cannot be used a a branding tool. Most native ads won’t make consumers think of business when they see them, but will instead make them curious (at which point they will click the ad and learn about your business or service). If it’s branding that you are in need of you should focus on display or social marketing. However if you’re looking to drive traffic to a particular page on your website then native can work very well for you.

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